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    Tosepan Titataniske

    El Movimiento Cooperativo Indígena de la Sierra Nororiental de Puebla se inició en 1977 y se formalizó en 1980 con la constitución de la Cooperativa “Tosepan Titataniske” (Unidos Venceremos, en náhuat). Los socios fundadores se propusieron encontrar solución al problema de la carestía de los productos básicos para la alimentación de las familias, ya que en aquellos tiempos era la demanda más sentida por toda la población.

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    We are part of our community.

    In the magic city of Cuetzalan, Puebla.

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    Only Stable Solutions

    We are looking for long term commercial partnerships.

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    We produce rainforest coffee

    Our coffee grows in the shadows of pepper and cinnamon trees, for which we reforest long deforested mountains.

  • We produce honey based cosmetics.

    Our bee is an endemic specie Melipona. We use ancient production techniques from pre-colombian times.

  • We provide eco-tourism services.

    Our cooperative member Tosepan Kali has a wide range of high quality services.

  • Cooperative Maseual Xicaualis produces several agricultural products.

    Our production of coffee and pepper is certified and supports reforestation and biodiversity in plantations.

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Juárez y Galeana S/N
Cuetzalan, Puebla, México C.P. 73560

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